Who are you?

Simple.  Read the posts that people put on Facebook.  It’s easy to tally up what their likes are.  I keep my posts private so only family and close friends can see them.  However, you know that Facebook has your profile.  And my favorite shopping place, Amazon, keeps sending me recommendations because of my purchases.  Technology has made us all very visible.

Well, okay, as you can see by my site picture, I like the ocean.  So, I buy things to reflect that.  On Facebook, I’ve been swayed to buy things that get my attention, but as I am finding out, they are from companies in places like China.

I needed a different size, so I looked on Amazon.  Of course, they have it!  It may be from the same place, but it’s through Amazon, a place that has never disappointed me.

I’m not sure how to put a link on my page yet, but here’s what it looks like.  Untitled.jpg


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