Packrat? Obsessive? Collector? Style Master?

Okay, I’m sitting here laughing at Style Master.  Not me at all.  I have a cousin who always has great hair.  When I see her do something different, I always ask her how she got that style.  Most of the time she has used a hot iron of some type.  Let me share my collection.

IMG_8130 (1).jpgMy first one is on the left.  Fits in a purse, plugs in anywhere! Still works!

IMG_8131.jpgTrying to find the one my cousin had.  Found it at Wegmans Grocery!

IMG_8133 (1).jpgFancy ones.  The right one sucks your hair in and curls it!

This price for the Conair curling iron on Amazon is the cheapest that I’ve seen it, even cheaper than what I paid for it.  The only difference is that you are buying a pink one.  Hey, mine costs 70 now…..the pink one is less than $50.  Get one!  It’s so easy to use.

What do you think?  Obsessive or collector?

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