I love Amazon.  It’s wonderful to go Christmas shopping online, and just wait for the packages to arrive at my door.  I go there all the time to see if I can find the item I want for a cheaper price.  I usually can.  My friends will see something and say, “Where did you get that?”.  Now, I can tell them to go to my blog, and there’s a link.

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Packrat? Obsessive? Collector? Style Master?

Okay, I’m sitting here laughing at Style Master.  Not me at all.  I have a cousin who always has great hair.  When I see her do something different, I always ask her how she got that style.  Most of the time she has used a hot iron of some type.  Let me share my collection.

IMG_8130 (1).jpgMy first one is on the left.  Fits in a purse, plugs in anywhere! Still works!

IMG_8131.jpgTrying to find the one my cousin had.  Found it at Wegmans Grocery!

IMG_8133 (1).jpgFancy ones.  The right one sucks your hair in and curls it!

This price for the Conair curling iron on Amazon is the cheapest that I’ve seen it, even cheaper than what I paid for it.  The only difference is that you are buying a pink one.  Hey, mine costs 70 now…..the pink one is less than $50.  Get one!  It’s so easy to use.

What do you think?  Obsessive or collector?

Who are you?

Simple.  Read the posts that people put on Facebook.  It’s easy to tally up what their likes are.  I keep my posts private so only family and close friends can see them.  However, you know that Facebook has your profile.  And my favorite shopping place, Amazon, keeps sending me recommendations because of my purchases.  Technology has made us all very visible.

Well, okay, as you can see by my site picture, I like the ocean.  So, I buy things to reflect that.  On Facebook, I’ve been swayed to buy things that get my attention, but as I am finding out, they are from companies in places like China.

I needed a different size, so I looked on Amazon.  Of course, they have it!  It may be from the same place, but it’s through Amazon, a place that has never disappointed me.

I’m not sure how to put a link on my page yet, but here’s what it looks like.  Untitled.jpg


Why Breathe?

Understandably, we need to breathe to live.  However, many years ago I had gotten very upset about something.  My friend said, “Breathe.”  What?  She told me to breathe, again.  I didn’t understand.  She then told me that I stop breathing when I’m upset.  I didn’t realize that was something I do, and still do.  So, since it’s important to keep breathing, I try to remember that as I’m cursing at the driver in front of me who has almost hit me while cutting in front of me.

My favorite place to breathe is while I’m in front of the ocean (or the Gulf).  The top picture is from the west coast of Florida.  I spent a long weekend there this year, attending the marriage (on the beach) of my nephew.  It was wonderful.


To Begin

Internet, blog, animals, genealogy, shopping, crafts, cars, trucks, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, writing, larping, jobs, ocean, beach, mermaids, shells, sand, kayaks, family, camping, kids, love, laughter, fun.

What?  I tried to think of search words that would bring someone to my blog.  A cousin talked me into this, so I’m giving it a shot.  I’ve never done it, so what the heck.

I hope to entertain myself, and perhaps others who stop by.  It’s confusing right now, because I’m not sure how to set things up.  However, I will learn and I will share.

Sigh.  First post finished. Don’t forget to breathe.